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  • 2021-11-18

In the field of valve manufacturing, we focus on achieving results and win the market professionally. Behind many successful brand enterprises, we have extraordinary entrepreneurial efforts and hardships. Located in Oubei valve industrial town, the hometown of valves in China, Jufan Valve Co., Ltd. is well known. Since its establishment, the company has been famous for its focus on ball valve Jufan and manufacturing. After more than 20 years of development, the enterprise has made great achievements in the field of ball valve. From ordinary ball valve production to ball valve manufacturing with high specification, high difficulty, large diameter and complex process, the enterprise has stepped to a new level. In particular, the series of ball valves launched in recent years are favored and praised by the market.

Rotary ball valve is a multi-functional valve, which not only has the functions and advantages of butterfly valve, hemispherical valve, gate valve and stop valve, but also has its own unique powerful functions and advantages. Small volume, light weight, convenient transportation, installation, maintenance and repair, and reliable operation.

The main feature of the rotary ball valve is that it can be reliably closed not only in the forward pressure, but also in the reverse pressure or the reverse pressure is much greater than the forward pressure. On the two sealing surfaces of the sealing pair, according to different hardness needs, advanced processes such as space plasma spraying, ether laser sputtering and vacuum protection infiltration surfacing can be used to form gradient functional materials such as martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, cemented carbide, cermet and artificial diamond. It can align the center automatically and compensate the wear automatically. When closing, make full use of the energy of the medium in the rotary ball valve to automatically apply a very high sealing specific pressure, so that the high hard sealing pair can achieve reliable zero leakage. There is no friction between sealing pairs when closing and opening instantaneously. The main structure of rotary ball valve is similar to that of butterfly valve. It has the characteristics of short structure and small volume of butterfly valve, so it can manufacture extra large diameter and extra large diameter valves.

The series of rotary ball valves developed by Jufan Valve Co., Ltd. mainly include two-way rotary ball valve, two-way hard sealing rotary ball valve, two-way flow hard impact hard rotary ball valve, electric rotary ball valve, pneumatic rotary ball valve, two-way hard impact hard rotary valve, two-way hard sealing spherical butterfly valve, welded rotary ball valve, etc. All products of the company are produced in strict accordance with standards. Through more than 20 years of independent innovation and development, the company has become a professional manufacturing enterprise with the ability to combine high-end ball valve design, Jufan and production. It can design and manufacture ball valve products according to different needs of customers, such as large mouth diameter and non-standard size.

Jufan valve company has ball grinding equipment, various large horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, boring machines, large ball processing equipment, full-automatic welding machines, robot welding equipment, large pressure test equipment, ultrasonic hardness tester, etc. Relying on the design concept, the company pays close attention to product quality, improves the technical content of products, controls the product price and gives more profit space to customers. Through more than 20 years of development, the company has become one of the excellent manufacturers in the field of ball valves.

Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. In the future, Jufan Valve Co., Ltd. will adhere to its original intention, work harder in the field of ball valve manufacturing, adhere to its own specialty, and create more high-quality ball valves to the market for users.

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In the field of valve manufacturing, we focus on achieving results and win the market professionally···